The upcoming year will witness the completion of numerous iconic projects globally. Architecture enthusiasts have been particularly keen on tracking the progress of some of these projects. We’ve compiled a list of seven remarkable sites that are worth experiencing in person.

A Green Skyscraper

Yet another uber-tower is nearing completion in Dubai. This time, it’s supposed to be the greenest — at least within the country’s borders. The building in question is the 64-story Wasl Tower, designed by architect Ben van Berkel. According to local authorities, the tower’s construction signifies a shift towards sustainable development. Wasl Tower boasts a curvy silhouette that shields the interiors from wind, noise, and dust and facilitates natural cooling. Advanced engineering systems enable water reuse, air purification, and the utilization of solar and wind energy. All these features will assist the skyscraper’s residents in significantly cutting down their utility expenses. Apart from apartments, Wasl Tower will accommodate offices, restaurants, and a gym. A part of the building will be taken up by Mandarin Oriental Hotel.

Energy Company Headquarters

One of Taiwan’s most notable architectural novelties is the new office of Taipower, the national electricity provider. The Sun Rock building design was conceived by architects from the Dutch firm MVRDV. The structure is entirely clad with solar panels, enabling it to generate its own electricity. The building will not only house offices but also storage spaces and equipment for renewable energy production and supply. The building’s shape is intentional: the domed northern side will boost electricity production in the morning and evening, while the southern, sloping part will do so during the day.

The National Space Center

In 2024, Moscow will see the completion of the National Space Center (NSC), which will host the new Roscosmos headquarters. The 288-meter tower, designed by the Russian architectural firm UNK Project and symbolizing a rocket on a launch pad, will become a prominent high-rise feature of the Fili district. This is where the Khrunichev State Research and Production Space Center is located, currently undergoing extensive development. The total area of the NSC building complex will exceed 250,000 square meters. Besides the state corporation office, it will also feature a technology park with aviation and space industry enterprises, a congress and exhibition center, social facilities, and residential areas. All facilities of the National Space Center will be interconnected by a pedestrian gallery.

Tretyakov Gallery’s New Building

In 2024, one of Moscow’s major long-term construction projects — the new building of the Tretyakov Gallery on Kadashevskaya Embankment, whose foundation stone was laid in 2014 — will finally open its doors to the public. The final design of the building was created by the Russian firm Speech. A distinctive feature of the facades are large “windows” displaying images of renowned paintings from the gallery’s collection. These “windows” are densely arranged, reminiscent of the typical arrangement of paintings in the house of the museum’s founder, Pavel Tretyakov. Besides exhibition halls, the building will also accommodate restoration workshops for paintings, graphics, and sculptures, as well as a scientific photo archive. The Tretyakov Gallery’s new building will inaugurate this autumn with a major exhibition on the Society of Traveling Art Exhibitions, marking the first significant project on the Peredvizhniki’s legacy in half a century.

Abu Dhabi National Museum

Another museum is set to open in the United Arab Emirates’ capital this year. It will honor Sheikh Zayed bin Sultan Al Nahyan, the UAE’s founding father, and will also explore the history of the Arab nation. Zayed National Museum, designed by the British firm Foster and Partners, features a unique design reminiscent of a falcon’s plumage, the UAE’s national emblem. Several atriums will be situated beneath the “feathers”. Museum visitors will have access to six exhibition areas, shops, a café, and a large landscaped garden.

Notre-Dame de Paris

The much-anticipated reopening of Notre-Dame de Paris, following a five-year restoration, is slated for December 8. A severe fire broke out in the cathedral in April 2019; while the building’s structure survived, its historic roof, spire, and clock were destroyed by the flames. Architects worldwide proposed a range of extravagant reconstruction projects, from a roof and spire made of Baccarat crystal to greenhouse installations. In the end, French authorities opted to restore the cathedral to its original appearance. The building had been reinforced for two years before restoration commenced, which, according to French officials, is proceeding ahead of schedule.

Bali Yoga Center

This year’s architectural highlights include not only large-scale urban projects but also smaller, local structures. One such example is the Lumi Shala Wellness Center, located at the Alchemy Yoga Center in Bali. The modest structure consists of several 21-meter-high bamboo arches set on an earthen base. The roof is composed of five mesh petals that allow sunlight to filter through. The lightweight, dynamic structure symbolizes the harmony between humans and nature, merging local materials with a cutting-edge design approach.

Photo:, UNK, MVRDV,,,, Ivan Novikov-Dvinsky. 2023. State Tretyakov Gallery