The name OJAR derives from the Arabic word HOJARI, the name given to the rarest and most expensive varieties of dewy incense mined in Oman in the Dhofar Mountains. Incense is the heart and soul of the Eastern perfume tradition: it is an integral part of the cultural code of this region. Dewy incense became the main theme of one of the six collections of the brand, the other five are dedicated to rose, honey, sandal, udu and musk. The aromas are presented in the following formats: 18 oil perfumes (absolute), 18 perfume waters and 18 biphase oils for the body.

Way of presenting is interesting – the art of layering aromas became part of the brand’s DNA. So the Absolute can be applied in different ways with a double cover, in which is built-in glass applicator and roller. And thanks to the innovative perfume water case, it is easy to mix fragrances – by combining the cases, you can simultaneously apply several fragrances, creating a unique composition. Perfume water works like a booster and perfectly complements the Absolute.

Behind OJAR stands the sheikh – Princess Hind Bahwan, French perfumers worked on the compositions.

Photo: press service