In today’s circumstances, there are few people who are able to stay calm, and this is the time when it is most needed.  Mental health can be called the trend of the 21st century: we are in constant search of ways to relieve tension, reboot and at least slightly relax your mind.

Eau Extraordinaire Harmonizing Water, Clarins

Clarins brand in the Aroma line embodies its vast experience in creating natural care products and aromatherapy – for example, a new refreshing water with floral citrus aroma helps to harmonise the senses, mind and body. It is recommended that you use it in the morning to give yourself confidence at the beginning of the day; in the lunch escape from everyday work and re-establish contact with yourself; or in the evening after yoga to prolong and enhance its pacifying effect.

Shower Gel and Body Milk [Anger], ONIQ Self Solution

«This is the first brand that declares mental health», – proclaimed in the release of the young Russian ONIQ Self Solution. All care products for the body focus on four basic emotions: sadness, joy, fear and anger. Each jar has an author’s illustration and a unique perfume composition. For example, gel and milk [anger] smell like freedom from outer frames: mountain sage, salty rocks and fresh wind.

Lavincense Perfume Water, Hermetica

The basis of the composition is the essence of lavender of the highest quality, which is woven with an aromatic bouquet consisting of molecules of wine sage and precious oil of frankincense. Floral, amber, wood aroma that has a therapeutic effect, relaxes, warms and soothes.You’re gonna want to breathe it in and wear it. By the way, all the aromas of Hermetica are developed by special technology Innoscent. One of her things is not to use environmentally harmful substances.

Scented Candle Tuberose Myrrhder, D.S. & Durga

The candle can do a lot – turn wandering through rooms into a trip through the spa, and home evening into moments of meditation. It is enough to choose your favourite, bring a match and light the fuse. The candle D.S. & Durga has a warm fragrance that consists of more than 60 ingredients! There’s tuberose, African myrrh, cocoa, vanilla, black currant. There is also a very beautiful design of the candlestick – the picture as if to tell you that everything will be fine.

Bath Eucalyptus Magnesium Flakes, Epsom Pro

The basis of the tool is a bischofite – a natural ingredient quarried at a depth of 2-4 km underground. It took full advantage of magnesium salt and increased it thanks to high concentrations of iodine, potassium, bromine and more than 70 vitamins and minerals. Magnesium cereals should relax, relieve nerve tension and fight off rashes. You need to apply it as normal salt for baths. The collection includes cereals with eucalyptus essential oils and lavender.

Photo: press service