The Caribbean brand Ligne St Barth has long been a symbol of a beautiful body. The “golden” pair of bestsellers, which modern, fashionable girls always use on holiday and in summer in the city, invariably includes modeling gel with ivy extract (the best thing for swelling) and fondant oil for suntan with SPF 6 (it is the secret of that expensive bronze skin tone).

However, the brand’s range is much wider, and the facial products are just as good in composition, fragrance and effectiveness as the aforementioned. Top 3 best for summer that fans of Ligne St Barth should try:

– A gentle cream-peel with natural exfoliating ingredient papain and waxy jojoba pearls. It is suitable for all skin types and can be a delicate alternative to chemical peels for the summer.

– Green clay cream mask with pineapple extract. It has a sebo-regulating, matting and antibacterial effect. It is a real find for oily and combination skin owners.

– Rose clay cream mask with passion fruit extract. It is recommended for those whose skin is dry and prone to fine lines and wrinkles. It relieves tightness and instantly evens out skin tone.

Photo: press-office