The Hotel Savoy in Piazza della Repubblica has a suite dedicated to the legendary Florentine brand Santa Maria Novella.

The history of Santa Maria Novella dates back to 1221, when the Dominican monks began to prepare ointments, infusions and potions from herbs and flowers grown in their own garden and immediately sell them. The Officina profumo-farmaceutica di Santa Maria Novella opened its doors to the general public later, in 1612, and has been operating seven days a week for 400 years. Today it’s not just a shop – a museum with medieval frescoes, consoles, vintage furniture and expensive ceramics. There you can buy perfumes, shampoos, creams, soaps, smelling salt with lavender, many products are prepared according to old recipes.

The authentic atmosphere of Santa Maria Novella has been transferred to the fifth floor of the Rocco Forte Hotel Savoy with a spa suite created in partnership with an Italian company. It occupies two floors, decorated in pastel shades of yellow, gold and gray and with stunning views of the city’s landmarks. The place was not chosen by chance – in 2019, the second Santa Maria Novella store in Florence appeared in the Savoy Hotel.

A big advantage of the new suite is the ability to enjoy spa treatments without leaving the door. Guests can choose from an aromatic herbal oil massage for psychophysical balance, a drainage massage or an exfoliating massage with natural iris powder, as well as the innovative Face Touch and Hydranutri Facial treatments and the traditional back and neck massage with Arnica cream.

Photo: press service