Warming, melancholic, meditative with notes of incense, oud,
embers and spices are the best scents for the dead of winter.

Black Afgano, Nasomatto

Black Afgano, Nasomatto. The fragrance known as “Afghan”, perfumer
Alessandro Gualtieri composed notes of oud wood, hemp, tobacco and
strong coffee. This is the smell of Holland and coffeeshops.

Black, Comme Des Garçons

Black, Comme des Garcons. For almost ten years, the fragrance –
an absolute hit. Its secret lies in the harmonious combination of birch notes,
licorice, black pepper and vetiver.

Laudano Nero, Tiziana Terenzi

Laudano Nero, Tiziana Terenzi. Sad Paris on a rainy autumn day.
The mood of the city is conveyed by the smell of acacia honey, wormwood, camphor, incense and

A Сity On Fire, Imaginary Authors

A City On Fire, Imaginary Authors. Burning matches, juniper and
himalayan nard. Refined, strict, but at the same time very avant-garde

Interlude Man, Amouage

Interlude Man Amouage. One of the strongest Amouages. oregano, patchouli,
sandalwood, thick balsamic sweetness in the base. Made for men but beautiful
reveals itself on women’s skin.

Bois Sikar, Atelier des Ors

Bois Sikar, Atelier des Ors. Brand founder Jean-Philippe Clermont came
into the perfume business from tobacco, which explains the theme for the fragrance. In him
the smell of a good Havana cigar from a cedar humidor and an oak barrel where
whiskey is aged.

Oud Cashmere Mood, Maison Francis Kurkdjian

Oud Cashmere Mood, Maison Francis Kurkdjian. Gentle and soft despite
“shock” composition, in which Moroccan frankincense resins, and benzoin from Laos.

Rien, Etat Libre d’Orange

Rien, Etat Libre d’Orange. Etat Libre d’Orange – French perfume
house producing provocative fragrances. Rien is no exception: it is iris,
saffron, aldehydes, patchouli and unextinguished fire. Either you like it right away or
no – it will not work to “comprehend” or “spread” it.

Smoke, Akro

Smoke, Akro. Smoke, fruity tobacco, tonka bean and juniper. smoke-
olfactory fantasy by perfumer Olivier Cresp on the theme of the moment of the first
puffs on a good cigarette or pipe.

War and Peace Part II, Areej le Doré by Russian Adam.

War and Peace Part II, Areej le Doré by Russian Adam. Very smoky
rich – with hints of pine needles and a special feeling of some deep antiquity.
The fragrance is dedicated to the work of Tolstoy and, in particular, his novel “War and Peace”.

Photo: press service