Serum Orchidée Impériale is a cosmetic legend of the Guerlain brand. Its main ingredient is black orchid extract from the jungles of northern Peru. It grows at a height of 40 to 60 cm, barely sees the light, but survives regardless of conditions. Serum works on the same principle – it strengthens the skin’s ability to defend itself from adverse external factors, allowing you to maintain youth. According to studies, after two months of application, the skin looks five years younger.

The oldest French porcelain house Bernardaud (by the way, who created the packaging for Meteorites powder for its 30th anniversary) came up with a decent shell for the contents – each bottle is handmade, covered with black enamel and engraved in 24 carat gold. It can be reused: an exceptional embodiment of a more sustainable approach to luxury.

Photo: press service