Textron Aviation has announced the Cessna Citation M2 Gen2 and Cessna Citation XLS Gen2 business jets. The updated entry-level light jet and mid-sized business jet open up a new generation of aircraft in terms of design and technology. “Remembering that there are no unimportant details when shaping the flight experience for our customers, we touched every element of these aircraft to create the Citation M2 Gen2 and Citation XLS Gen2 from the cockpit to the cargo bay,” said Christie Tannahill, Senior Vice President President, Customer Experience, Textron Aviation. “Thanks to numerous customer reviews, the updates to these aircraft embody the latest technology and cutting-edge design.”

Citation M2 Gen2 и Citation XLS Gen2

Citation M2 Gen2

The latest upgrades to the Citation M2 platform reinforce the model’s focus on pilot and passenger comfort. The M2 Gen2 is a carefully crafted cabin design that includes the use of premium interior materials, ambient accent lighting, updated illuminated cup holders and additional in-flight storage.

The interior has been upgraded with the latest technologies such as wireless charging and USB-A ports in every seat. In the cockpit, three inches of co-pilot legroom was added for increased comfort. In addition, the cab entry threshold materials have been improved to ensure durability and maintainability.

“Since the Citation M2 was first introduced in 2013, it has quickly become one of our most popular light business jet models, especially with owner/operator customers,” added Tannahill. “Based on its outstanding performance, the M2 Gen2 brings to the entry-level light jet segment the latest in cabin amenities and technological advances often found in large aircraft. Passengers will appreciate USB-A ports in every seat in the cabin and USB-C ports in the club area.”

Citation XLS Gen2

Approaching the Citation XLS Gen2, passengers and pilots will immediately notice a raised ramp with a new illuminated gangway. For weather protection on the ground and improved cockpit acoustics in flight, a new entrance curtain has been added. Once on board, clients will be amazed by the natural light and the overall elegant style of the cabin.

Newly designed modern seating with additional quilted upholstery enhances passenger comfort with individual controls. And the front sofa can be folded down so that passengers can access luggage in flight.

The XLS Gen2 aircraft features a state-of-the-art intuitive wireless cabin management system that includes a moving map touchscreen monitor, wireless charging, USB charging ports on each cabin seat and an optional Bongiovi immersive sound system.

Citation XLS Gen2

“The 560XL series is the best-selling midsize business jet family of the 21st century, and the customer-influenced updates we’ve made ensure the next generation retains that title,” Tannahill said. “Like its predecessors, the XLS Gen2 is amazing, offering the features, convenience and comfort of a midsize aircraft, but at a lower operating cost.”

More than a thousand 560XL aircraft have been delivered over the past 25 years. Equity and charter operators consistently choose the Cessna Citation 560XL for its unparalleled combination of performance, comfort, ease of use, wide range of features and high operational efficiency. Now all the attention to the new aircraft. The company is currently accepting orders for both new models, which are expected to begin shipping for the Citation M2 Gen2 by the end of Q1 2022, followed by the Citation XLS Gen2 in Q2.

Photo: press service