The Chinese corporation SAIC surprises the public with its concept electric car Kun, getting more and more new features. It was initially presented at EXPO 2021 in Dubai as a result of the work of the London and Shanghai Design Offices. The idea of the future car is based on the combination of Chinese mythology with the latest technology. Kun is first mentioned in the text about the creation of the world of the 4th century philosopher Zhuangzi – a huge fish, which, being reborn, becomes a bird and flies away into the sky.  It is planned that the futuristic Kun will combine amphibian and aeroplane functions. In the meantime, these future opportunities are revealed only in appearance: the streamlined bodywork looks like the body of some large inhabitant of the underwater world, and the climbing up doors (practically indistinguishable in the closed state) – the wings of the legendary bird Peng.