US company Greenpoint Technologies has won the top prize at The International Yacht & Aviation Awards 2022 for the Retreat interior concept for the BBJ MAX 8. According to the creators, they were inspired by biophilic design ideas as well as wellness trends to replicate the equivalent of a luxury spa retreat.

Entering the cabin through a spectacular rotunda, guests feel as if they are entering a tropical environment. The ceiling has a paneled system with a central glossy metal finish, reminiscent of the river that “flows” through the cabin. White glossy wall surfaces and furniture are balanced by oak details and an abundance of velvet in the trim. The decor is enhanced by live plants. The soft LED lighting seems to envelope you in comfort and cosiness. The huge OLED panel shows videos of your destination as well as pictures from external HD cameras. In short, the interior of the Greenpoint Retreat is all about creating a pleasant and relaxing atmosphere that even the most discerning traveller will appreciate.

The International Yacht & Aviation Awards, hosted by Design et al, a leading interior design magazine, and Luxe et al, a leading yacht and aviation design magazine, honour the best entries from around the world.

Photo: press office.