A huge emerald was discovered at the Kagem mine in Zambia. One of the largest gemstones ever found – weighing 6225 carats – was named Insofu.

In the local Bemba language, it means “elephant”: the natural crystal is vaguely shaped like an elephant’s trunk. Due to its gemological characteristics (intense color, clarity and incredible weight), the emerald immediately became one of the most famous stones. It is also important that it was mined in compliance with all ethical and environmental rules. After all, Kagem is managed by Gemfields, the leader in emerald mining, which has pioneered social and environmental responsibility in gemstone mining.

Kagem mine in Zambia

“The size and quality of this stone make it one of the rarest finds, and we look forward to discovering its secrets. We applaud the professionalism of DiaColor and Chopard, who were able to appreciate the interest in creating a collection of jewelry based on a single raw stone. This promising concept will be an important step in ensuring control over the origin of raw materials right up to the point of production,” commented Sean Gilbertson, director of Gemfields. Chopard Insofu is the first hugely sized and exceptionally clear emerald to meet provenance control criteria. “By purchasing a raw stone, we are able to trace its entire path right up to the final product,” says Chopard co-president Caroline Scheufele. – Chopard will separate the rough emerald and cut the stones obtained from it, which will be transferred to our workshops for the manufacture of jewelry. We have full traceability throughout the entire production chain, which is rare for stones of such high quality.”

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