The Swiss brand F.P.Journe introduced the new women’s model élégante 12 rows of diamonds, in the guise and «stuffing» of which advanced watch production technology perfectly combined with the tradition of jewellery.

The 40 mm watch in the case is launched with bracelets made of titanium or Titalyt® alloy, and is inlaid with 382 classic 3.23 carat diamonds. Thanks to the wide colour palette (available in eight colours: white, dark blue, burgundy, grey, yellow, black, orange and pink) bracelets will suit any occasion and successfully complement any model of élégante.

The élégante watch by F.P.Journe with a sapphire dial (white for titanium models, black for Titalyt alloy models®) is enclosed in the patented Flat Tortue® body that design is patented. They are equipped with a revolutionary electromechanical mechanism, which provides independent operation for more than 8 years. If you don’t wear the watch for more than 35 minutes, they go into standby mode to save energy, and the hands stop spinning. But a microprocessor specifically designed for élégante continues to measure time. When the motion detector is activated, which is placed on the dial in the position of «4:30», it automatically sets the correct time, while the hands moving in any direction along the shortest path.

It took eight years of research to create a F.P.Journe élégante watch which allows time to stop and run again. As the founder of the brand, François-Paul Journe, says, “For 20 years, women have been asking me for watches that would be unusual and comfortable to wear and that meet their needs and desires. So I designed this timeless clock specifically for the female audience. The élégante is equipped with a single high-quality electromechanical mechanism».

Photo: press service