GoldenPass Express

The famous panoramic trains of Switzerland are a pleasure in itself, which in itself is a reason to travel to this picturesque country of mountains and lakes. Soon the route network of such trains will be replenished. More than 100 years have been waiting for the launch of the GoldenPass express train connecting Montreux and Interlaken, and now the date has finally been announced – December 11, 2022.


Designed by the famous Italian design bureau Pininfarina, the train will consist of 1st and 2nd class panoramic cars, as well as a Prestige class zone.


The dream of a direct connection between Lake Geneva and Lakes Brienz and Thun dates back to the 19th century and is about to become a reality. This exceptional project in terms of tourism development will allow travelers to move between Montreux and Interlaken without transfers. The revolutionary variable gauge system allows a train to change from the metric MOB gauge on the Montreux-Zweisimmen section to the conventional BLS gauge (Zweisimmen-Interlaken) in seconds.

Photo: press service