Gabrielle Chanel. 1937

Exactly 90 years ago, Gabrielle Chanel showed her first and only jewelry collection Bijoux de Diamants. In it, she once and for all outlined the main themes of Chanel – stars, comets, feathers.

She also formulated the principles of jewelry design: jewelry should be worn, not stored in a safe, and it should be done easily and freely. She showed how you can combine day and evening jewelry, how to turn a necklace into a trio of bracelets, how a brooch can decorate not only a lapel, but also a handbag, a belt and even a hairstyle. We live according to these jewelry principles today, and then, in 1932, the Bijoux de Diamants collection became a real revelation and an incredible “cosmic” breakthrough.

Chanel jewelry studio continues to explore and reimagine Bijoux de Diamants. On the occasion of the 90th anniversary of the premiere, the high jewelry collection “1932” was created – a journey through space and time. “I wanted to resurrect the very spirit of 1932, relying on three main symbols: the comet, the moon and the sun. Each of these celestial bodies shines with its own light,” says Patrice Legero, Creative Director of Chanel Jewelery Studio. These ideas are collected in the Allure Céleste transformable necklace, which became an advance premiere for the 1932 anniversary collection. The center stone is a blue velvet oval-cut sapphire weighing 55.55 carats. The entire collection will be shown in Paris this summer.

Photo: press service