The Botanica jewellery collection is based on the Transformers jewellery. Floristic motifs are present in the style of Tiffany & Co. not one century, for example, remember the realistic brooches-orchids of Polding Farnham or jewellery for hairstyle decorations in the form of fluffy dandelion head, invented by Louis Comfort Tiffany. In the current collection archival items are presented not only in a New Insight, but also in an innovative design in the form of jewellery transformers.

A diamond necklace with a dandelion motif combines five different things: a necklace with two interchangeable pendants, a baguette diamond choker, a long necklace-chain. The pendant-dandelion has a circular composition. Thin platinum threads with enshrined  cut diamonds, imitating dandelion fuzz, diverge from the central round diamond.

The exquisite colour enamel orchids of Polding Farnham, created in 1889, were transformed into a flower brooch. Textured curves made of yellow gold against the background of platinum petals are covered with diamonds of various facets, including old «roses». Another unusual kind of plant species for jewellery interpretation is thistles. Hand-cut «trillion» made it possible to place the gemstones as close as possible, thus imitating the needle-like texture of the thistle.

The separate botanical chapter of the Blue Book consists of decorations by the legendary Jean Schlumberger – Fleurage bracelet, Feuillage necklace with diamond leaves and tanzanites, similar to ripe elderberry, and Flowers and Leaves necklace as a wreath of field flowers, woven of platinum, yellow gold and diamonds.

«In the Botanica collection we pay tribute to our incredible heritage while demonstrating innovative solutions», – said Executive Vice President of Tiffany & Co. Alexander Arno.

Photo: press-office