The Dubai World Cup is one of the most prestigious events in horse racing. But not only sports passions attract guests here. What other delights await you on March 30, 2024, at Meydan Racecourse and beyond?

This competition boasts the largest prize pool in the world, with $30.5 mln up for grabs this year. Held on the last Saturday of March, it marks the high point of the Dubai World Cup Carnival qualifying series that begins in January and signals the end of the horse racing season in the United Arab Emirates. For the wealthy audience, this event is a fantastic chance to kick off the summer season while snow still blankets their home countries. The Dubai World Cup has always been more than just a sporting event; it was initially also a high-profile social gathering. The Meydan City complex, home to the racecourses, also houses the five-star Meydan Hotel, an IMAX cinema, a horse racing history museum, a yacht marina, restaurants, and a vast parking area.

The grandstand at the Meydan Racecourse extends 1.5 km and can hold up to 80,000 spectators. The tournament’s opening and closing ceremonies are quite a spectacle, featuring vibrant shows, performances by celebrity artists, and impressive fireworks displays. All these events, including the races themselves, are broadcast on what is recognized as the world’s largest screen — an LED panel measuring 110×10 m.

The cost of entry tickets, except for the most affordable ones, includes a specific package of services, as well as food and beverages. Within $1,000 will cost a stay in restaurants: Sky Bubble under the roof of the grandstand, from where the racetrack and the city can be seen as in the palm of your hand; Premium opposite the finish line and next to the Parade Ring; Terrace with an outdoor area from the center to the end of the grandstand; Monterosso, whose balcony overlooks the race tracks. Between $1,000 and $2,000 are tickets to Thunder Snow restaurant overlooking the finish turn; the First Class Lounge area with a terrace over the finish line; the iconic Winner Circle restaurant with a glass dining room that spans four tiers; Cigar in the center of the racetrack; and Paddock view on the fourth-floor grandstand overlooking the finish line. The premium segment includes the Dubai Lounge with the best view, international buffet, and beverage bar, and the Royal Enclosure area, which will offer an exclusive Majlis banquet.

While betting has always been a key part of horse racing worldwide, it’s not possible here as gambling is prohibited in Arab countries. However, a lottery is held at the racetrack on this day, and any guest has the chance to win a kilogram gold bar or a luxury car.

The dress code isn’t overly strict: attendees are expected to dress up or wear national costumes, dresses should be of a modest length, and hats are recommended for women only. But extravagant outfits are not only common here but are also encouraged. The wearer of the most creative hat is awarded a $3,000 prize.