“It doesn’t matter what sneakers you’re wearing! It’s where you’ve been that counts” is the motto of people who can’t live a day without making new acquaintances and having memorable events, who prefer travel to all pleasures in the world and are excited about new discoveries and unexpected adventures. The Citrus Park Hotel, a small but very cozy city hotel in beautiful, eternally sunny Antalya, just 200 meters from Konyaalti Beach, opens its doors in 2019 just for such people.

The hotel has 62 rooms, each with everything for a comfortable stay, including air conditioning, minibar, Wi-Fi… and floor-to-ceiling windows with inspiring views, be it of the town, the sea or the pool. From here you will be happy to start each morning – after a delicious breakfast that will energize you to explore Antalya’s many attractions. You’ll return here in the evening being a little tired but happy and full of impressions. The experienced and attentive staff will ensure that you are well-equipped for the next day. “The Citrus Park Hotel is an island of tranquillity in Antalya, embracing the sea and the rhythm of the city”, as the hotel says and you have every chance to make sure of that. The real traveller will never stay for a cocktail by the poolside when there is something special waiting to fill the soul with color and make the heart ache and feel alive.

In addition to breakfast, you can also dine out, but agree if you live in the epicenter of city life, you can plan for a new vibrant cafe or restaurant every night. In the meantime, you can still have a great time at the beach, especially as it’s only a two-minute walk away. Konyaalti is a long and wide strip of fine pebbles washed by the clear and crystal waters of the Mediterranean. The picturesque Taurus Mountains rise up to the west of Antalya, allowing one to see the sights while on the beach.

If you like deep sea life, you can have a look at the Antalya Aquarium, located about 800 m away from the hotel. The magnificent, modern Aquarium includes 40 aquariums teeming with diverse marine life and a 131 m long transparent tunnel. It is divided into three sections: the first shows tropical reef life and underwater caves, while the second section mirrors the legendary Atlantis, with its pirate ship and treasures. Part three shows a sunken submarine that has become home to hundreds of fish. A special treat is the shark-feeding, which you can personally participate in. However, that’s not all: Antalya Aquarium has its own snow world with slides and ice statues, wax museum, 3D cinema, dedicated to the seas and oceans, wildlife park, where animals from all over the world are gathered.

Antalya Aquarium

Now it’s time to explore the city. Do you want to feel the rhythm of Antalya? Do you want to see it like the palm of your hand and make walking plans? Aktur Park is the right place to start. The Ferris wheel is the second biggest in Europe and reaches a height of 30 storeys. In 18 minutes the Heart of Antalya observatory wheel spins around its axis and you can explore various parts of Antalya, find the Citrus Park Hotel and take interesting routes.

Heart of Antalya Ferris Wheel

One of the most attractive is through the old town of Kaleici, the historical center of Antalya, with monuments from Roman, Byzantine and Ottoman periods. The old port and the clock tower, the Hadrian’s Gate, the Hydirlik Tower, the Yivli Minaret, (regarded as the symbol of Antalya) and the Kesik, are all examples of an authentic open-air museum. The narrow streets, the scents of flowers, fresh coffee and colorful ships in the harbor create a magnificent atmosphere, which is only 13 minutes away from the Citrus Park Hotel by car.

If you’re in the mood for a little bit of a journey, go ahead. The ancient city of Olympos, founded by pirates in around 3rd century B.C. and later taken over by the Romans, is waiting for you. If Cicero is to be believed, the city was magnificent. The traces of that splendor can still be seen today: amphitheatre ruins, sarcophagi and Lycian tombs, and a temple gate built during the time of Marcus Aurelius. Another local specialty is the natural fire on the slope of Mount Chimaera, which has been burning for centuries. Incidentally, the town of Olympos is part of the National Park and you could say it’s surrounded by laurel and fig trees. Nearby is one of the best wild beaches on the coast. If you’re lucky you might spot sea turtles laying their eggs in the sand.


Another must-visit destination is the ancient town of Phaselis. According to legend, it was founded in the 7th century B.C. by colonists from the island of Rhodes. The main goddess of the city was Athena, the leader of wisdom and war. In her honor a temple was built, in which the spear of Achilles was kept. Today only picturesque ruins remain from the temple, as well as from the amphitheatre, Roman Thermae and aqueduct. However, you can take unforgettable impressions and spectacular photos, especially from the upper steps of the amphitheatre where you can enjoy a magical view of the sea.

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