Huvafen Fushi

North Male Atoll

PO Box 2017

Republic of Maldives

The name of the hotel, hidden from the world on a secluded private island in North Male Atoll, means “dream island” in Maldivian, and it’s no exaggeration. Huvafen Fushi is a lost paradise: powder-white sand, mesmerizing sunsets, azure waters of the Indian Ocean… All 44 elegant villas – each with a private pool and terrace – are located over the water or on the beach.

The most luxurious is the two-story 800-square-meter CUBE villa: its guests have direct access to the ocean, a private pier, a tropical courtyard and a personal butler, who takes care of their comfort 24/7. One of the unique features of Huvafen Fushi is that it is the only hotel in the world with an underwater spa. You won’t find such a bonus to massages and treatments anywhere else – you can watch the coral reef life through the huge panoramic windows right from the spa.

Several times a week, the Spa Quarium entertains and educates guests with an underwater world, guided by a marine biologist. And in the evenings, the spa’s “deep sea” area is transformed into the Latitude 4° immersive restaurant, the most unusual place for a romantic dinner for two. As darkness falls, the reef transforms: bioluminescent plankton glows, packs of nocturnal predators come out to hunt… The chef treats guests with exquisite dishes, and representatives of underwater fauna – a show of surreal beauty. And what is interesting, there is only one table in this unusual auditorium: Latitude 4° claims to be the most exclusive underwater restaurant in the world. The hotel also has other gastronomic offers: in the Salt Restaurant you can taste modern Japanese cuisine with Latin American accent and a whole collection of sake, in pizzeria Forno – classic pizza from a wood oven, in the pool bar UMBar – cocktails by recipes mixologists of London bar Purl … The oldest underground wine cellar in Maldives with an exclusive collection of more than 6000 bottles and 900 labels is a special pride of the hotel.

The chamber-like atmosphere makes Huvafen Fushi the perfect place for families and couples to enjoy complete privacy and undisturbed tranquillity. No wonder the island-resort has long been fancied by Hollywood stars, designers and athletes: George Clooney, Roger Federer, Tom Cruise, Ashton Kutcher, Linda Evangelista, Naomi Campbell, Stefano Gabbana, John Galliano….The care for the environment is an integral part of Huvafen Fushi. There are a number of initiatives aimed at reducing waste and conserving natural resources. Drinking water is produced by desalinating seawater and served in reusable glass bottles. Wastewater is filtered and used to irrigate green spaces. The restaurants try to use products of local suppliers: fish and seafood (Maldivian lobster, tuna, bonito), fruits and vegetables (eggplants, honey melons, cantaloupes). The hotel is also involved in the restoration of the local coral reef. The island is surrounded by three underwater nurseries where corals are grown in the lab and then planted to the reef. Huvafen Fushi guests can plant their own coral under the guidance of a marine biologist and then monitor its growth through photo reports. The hotel is a member of the prestigious international association Small Luxury Hotels of the World.

Name Huvafen Fushi
Addres Maldives, Huwafen Fushi, North Male Atoll
Phone +960 66 442 22

Photo courtesy of the press service