Opened in October last year in the Maldives resort Siyam World announces the launch of the country’s first horse ranch. On one of the largest islands of the atoll of Nono, where the resort is located, there was enough space for a fully equipped ranch with fields for the exercise of horses with an area of 15 thousand sq. m. It is now home to four fine horses of a rare breed of Marwari from India: the snow-white Noor, the white-grey Jasmine, the brown Kanbulo and “the black in the apples” of Habibi’s stallion. Experienced groomers and veterinarians take care of horses,  The Ministry of Fisheries and Agriculture also regularly inspects the area.  Now the guests of Siyam World, in addition to the traditional joys of the Maldives holiday, have a completely unexpected entertainment – riding at sunrise or sunset.  Also a romantic horseback ride can be a vivid subject of wedding ceremonies.

Initially, resort Siyam World sought to provide guests a wide choice of exceptional offers – from entertainment in the largest floating water park in the Indian Ocean to a plan of accommodation WOW! Premium All Inclusive, which includes at least a dozen restaurants and bars, with an ever-expanding spectrum of wow-experiences.

Photo: press service