The elegant five-star Regent Porto Montenegro, in turn, has earned a well-deserved fame of one of the best hotels in the country located in one of the best resort areas of Montenegro, on the shore of the picturesque Gulf of Kotor, in the heart of the yachting marina.

In anticipation of the summer season, the hotel will announce two wonderful events. The first will attract the special attention of parents with children. On the territory of the Porto Montenegro complex, where the hotel is located, a children’s sports soccer camp will be organised together with the world-famous football club Real Madrid. This is the first time such a project is being implemented not only in Montenegro, but also in the Balkans as a whole. The program is designed for children from 6 to 17 years old, and it will be available for both local residents and residents of the complex Porto Montenegro and foreign guests of the Hotel Regent. In general, it includes a series of five-day training sessions over six weeks. Classes will be held twice a day in groups of 25 people divided into two age groups. Both boys and girls are invited to participate, regardless of their level of training. The training will pass the same pattern as the real Real Madrid Youth Club teams, and include training in techniques and tactics, the ability to play all positions in the team, the development of skills to solve key problems, appearing on the field, and preparation to participate in competitions. The idea is great: While the children will train at the club, under the world’s best coaches from Réal Madrid, their parents will be able to devote time to each other, relax at the beach club, take a walk on the yacht and so on.

The second news is the opening of the new restaurant and entertainment area Buddha-Bar Beach in May near the Hotel Regent.  All summer here will be arranged many different events with the participation of the most fashionable DJs from around the world. «The place of power» of the new space Buddha-Bar Beach will be a huge outdoor swimming pool 68 m long with panoramic views of the Bay of Kotor. Nearby you will find a hookah zone and a new restaurant with traditional Montenegrin seafood dishes.

Please note: all coronavirus restrictions in Montenegro have been lifted, no PCR tests or vaccination certificates are required to enter the country.

Photo: press service