Claire Choisne has convincingly proved that diamonds can be effectively combined with natural materials in the high jewellery art, and it’s not just stones. The name of the collection Ailleurs translates as “Another place”. The creative director of Boucheron invites us on a beautiful journey to other worlds, where everything lives and breathes nature. Each of the five parts of the collection follows a different theme and colour scheme. Sand Woman is dominated by sand tones, Leaf Woman – by bright tropical colours including saturated lacquer, Earth Woman – by shades of brown, Pebble Woman – by the white palette. Another piece, Volcano Man, is built on the contrast of black and white.

For the first time, so many unexpected and unconventional materials are used in high jewellery. In this range, titanium and aluminium are absolute classics. The Rotin Diamant collar necklace is woven from rattan fibre, the Coquillage brooch is made from natural shells, reminiscent of the Jack de Boucheron motif, and the Bois Diamant floral brooch with a magnetic clasp is made from rosewood cuts. The Papillion earrings have real butterfly wings in a titanium frame, processed in a special way. The Galet Diamant set is composed of smooth pebbles picked up on the seashore, the surface of which is inlaid with diamonds. The base of the diamond-knot necklace is made of marsh oak wood, fired using a Japanese technique known as “Yakisugi”. In order for each of these amazing materials to find its place alongside diamonds and other coloured stones, Claire Choisne and her team had to do a lot of technical and aesthetic experimentation. Each of the Ailleurs jewels is an example of incredible creative freedom and beautifully daring solutions.

Photo: press-office