This time, the jewelery house was inspired by a private commission from the Maharaja of Patiala almost a century ago, when the Indian ruler Bhupindar Singh arrived in Paris with a huge retinue and chests filled to the brim with precious stones. The distinguished guest stayed at the Ritz, where 35 suites were booked for him. And with a private order, he went to the Boucheron house. Louis Boucheron made a total of 149 items for him: emerald plastrons and diamond collars, tiered pearl necklaces and fully gem-encrusted belts. This order is still the largest in the history of Boucheron. All sketches are carefully stored in the archives, but the decorations themselves have disappeared without a trace.

Boucheron creative director Claire Shuan decided to remember this wonderful story. However, she is not at all going to repeat the order of the Maharaja of Patiala according to the sketches. In the new jewelry, Claire interprets Indian stylistic elements (lotus flower, turban ornament, churi wedding bracelets) and traditional techniques, such as glyptic stone carving. As a result, magnificent transforming jewelry is obtained: the necklace breaks into a pair of pearl bracelets, a wide pendant comes unfastened from them and turns into a brooch. The New Maharajahs collection is very modern: there are large rings with carved rock crystal, thin bracelets that can be worn in a stack, and brooches that can be used to decorate your hair.

Photo: press service