The French jeweller has a knack for seeing beauty in everything and celebrating it with jewellery artistry. It features design elements, a range of gemstones and original cuts.

The textured reptile skin of the Iwana pointed necklace-tie is conveyed not only by the geometric pattern of the diamond weave, but also by three Colombian emeralds in an unusual hexagonal shape, totalling 43.45 carats.

The Apatura necklace, with its shimmering Australian opals, resembles the wing of a bright, exotic butterfly. The iridescent cabochons are surrounded by a rhythm of sapphire beads and diamond baguettes.

The ethnic theme is honed in the Rituel necklace. Between two rows of azure chalcedony beads, a diamond web is strung with a dash of juicy rubies.

In addition to the magnificent necklaces, the collection offers a capsule line of seven rings, a symbolic journey from the depths of the sea to the heights of heaven. For this line, magnificent tourmalines, spinels and diamonds have been selected.

Photo: press-office