The capsule collection Deferlante opens a new chapter of the Chaumet House, which has repeatedly dedicated its masterpieces to the elements of nature. A parure of eight new products, a continuation of the collection Torsade de Chaumet, «spills in waves» and causes a feeling of rapid movement of water. Creating a magnificent Deferlante diadem, the masters were inspired by the ancient pattern of the fountain. The 1,600 diamonds that adorn it are like droplets of breaking waves.

Diamonds in a three-row necklace, fascinated by the “flow”, as if they are rolling off to the cleavage.  Among them is an excellent 3.57 carat pear stone of particular transparent cleanliness. No less beautiful is the 6.05 carat diamond in the asymmetric ring. The luxurious stones in the earrings, brooches and secret watches are in perfect harmony with the virtuously executed frame.

Photo: press service