The capsule collection “Color Journeys” was conceived by Lucia Silvestri, creative director of the Bvlgari jewelry house, to reveal to the world the best and most beautiful gemstones. Each year the Italian brand will present jewelry designed around a particular gemstone. Last year, Color Journeys’ debut collection was dedicated to the tourmaline Paraiba. The stone with a unique neon shade of a sea wave was discovered in Brazil in the 1980s. Bvlgari effectively combined it with emeralds, tanzanites, pink tourmalines in necklaces and earrings.

The second chapter of Color Journeys is dedicated to spinel. This stone began to be extracted in Burma in the XIV century, and then it was brought to Europe by Marco Polo, though under the guise of a ruby. The Color Journeys Spinel collection offers the most varied palette of spinels from Tajikistan, ranging from red to purple, pink to grey. The necklace features 13 scarlet spinels framed by amethysts, while the chandelier earrings feature spinels in three saturated shades: red, pink, and mauve.

Photo: press-office