For De Beers masters the lotus is the same symbol of purity and eternity as the diamond.  Not surprisingly, this elegant flower has become the leitmotif in the history of the magnificent jewellery house. The Enchanted Lotus High Jewellery Collection is dedicated to the Lotus: the mascot of the brand is presented here in the most spectacular performance. In the earrings, the lotus motif is repeated twice: on the «clove» and on the pendant with diamonds round and pear-shaped cut, formed in petals. At the same time, the ring resembles a lotus, «blossoming» diamonds round cut, surrounded by pear-shaped diamonds, which play the role of petals.

It seemed impossible to make the earrings and ring of the Enchanted Lotus High Jewellery collection even more impressive.  However, De Beers jewellers found a way – and applied a special technique of plating diamonds, which allowed the use of less metal.

As a result, the gemstones became even more visible: they seemed to rise and their shine increased.

Photo: press-office