Jeweller Fawaz Gruozi, founder of the now defunct de Grisogono company, today works under his own name, but still creates decorations with sensual silhouettes and large stones. The quintessence of his style is reflected in a recent composition “high jewellery” – the jewels of the Fawaz Gruosi were presented in Paris during the couture week. A 15-karat square-cut emerald in the ring is surrounded by a ruby vortex. The 44 Zambian emeralds with a total weight of 87.65 carats are inserted into the flow of diamond lava in one of the necklaces.

Gruosi is obviously partial to emeralds: in an open necklace weave a white diamond and green emerald ribbon, completely covered with stones. Five more Zambian emerald-cut stones are fixed on top of the pave. At the same time, the jeweller is not alien to non-traditional materials: in titanium earrings, the emerald pave coexists with ivory ceramic fragments, and the magnificent Ceylon sapphire 9.75 carats is fixed on top of the frames’ fringed amber.

Photo: press service