The New York jewellery brand is known for its brutal jewellery inspired by barbed wire, hinges, bearings and other metal fittings. The new Tiffany Lock collection is inspired by real padlocks, the very kind the company once created for its customers (the archive holds a lock with a key made in 1883). However, any utilitarian and rather commonplace thing Tiffany’s designers know how to turn into a stylishly precious accessory. New Tiffany Lock are bracelets made of 18 CT yellow, white and pink gold. Some versions combine different shades of gold, and the details are set with single diamonds or pavé. Inside is a special pivoting mechanism that allows the bracelet’s rigid design to be opened and closed by turning one of the halves. Tiffany Lock bracelets are suitable for both men’s and women’s wrists, in fact, they were conceived as a unisex item. The leitmotif of the new collection is “No rules. For everyone”.

The line by Tiffany HardWear is enriched. To the iconic yellow and white gold jewellery, in the spirit of industrial bracelet of 1971, a version in black titanium was added. The necklace and bracelet are composed of black links, but a couple of links are made of rose gold and one is even studded with diamonds. Despite the apparent massiveness, these chains are incredibly light and comfortable.

Photo: press-office