The Deep Time treasures narrate a remarkably beautiful tale of our planet’s formation.

Gondwana Necklace

Francesca Amfitheatrof has been crafting jewelry for the French brand Louis Vuitton for the past five years. In one of the high-end Bravery collections, the creative director of the jewelry division narrated the life story of Mr. Louis Vuitton, the founder of the luggage manufacturing company. Another collection was devoted to the grandeur of the travel trunk, incorporating locks, fasteners, and protective overlays in necklaces and bracelets, along with the geometric silhouette of the letter V. Subsequently, Amfitheatrof designed depictions of Joan of Arc, Eleanor of Aquitaine, and Elizabeth I. The high jewelry collection named Deep Time emerged as a profound philosophical contemplation on the formation of the planet and the emergence of life.

Bones Necklace

Francesca interprets any abstract concept using colored gemstones and Louis Vuitton’s signature cut diamonds. These treasures, mined from the earth’s depths, bear witness to the planet’s history and its geological legacy. Deep Time features adornments representing tsunamis, fossilized remains, and volcanic eruptions. It also includes a narrative about Gondwana, an ancient supercontinent in the Southern Hemisphere encompassing Africa, South America, Madagascar, renowned for its splendid emeralds. Emeralds of various carats are set between diamond hoops forming the rigid Gondwana necklace, including a 4.51-carat uncut Colombian stone, and a flawless LV Monogram Flower diamond. The Volcano earrings, made of yellow gold and platinum, feature a pair of pear-cut mandarin garnet spessartines each weighing over 4 carats. The Wave collar necklace represents a mighty wave, with a stunning 40.8 carat blue sapphire from Sri Lanka shimmering in the diamond froth. The Bones necklace stands as the most intricate piece in the history of Louis Vuitton’s jewelry craftsmanship. The breastplate-like Transformer became a true color symphony and an enthralling voyage across continents. An oval opal weighing 43.58 carats was discovered in Australia, a pear-shaped paraíba tourmaline of 20.93 carats originates from Mozambique, and the 13 emerald-cut tanzanites adorning the necklace’s upper rim hail from Tanzania.

Volcano Earrings

Photo: press-office