The theme of the water element, churning streams and waves with foamy lambs was announced by Chaumet in its previous haute couture collection Déferlante (“The Tide”). Now a sequel called Ondes et Merveilles (‘Waves and Miracles’) awaits us.

The boundless sea gives jewellers an equally boundless inspiration. The only barrier to making fantasy come true is jewellery technique: how easy, comfortable and beautiful the finished decoration will be and how it will correspond to the declared theme. Fortunately, Chaumet’s jewellers are able to master any natural phenomena. Monochrome set On the Water’s Surface conveys slight ripples and a measured breath of the ocean. Gulfstream jewellery, like the famous warm current that warms the Atlantic, combines stones of warm and cold shades: Colombian emeralds, paraiba tourmalines and Australian opals, blue sapphires and spinels in red-orange shades. The Galet d’Or earrings and rings are reminiscent of pebbles rolled by the sea: their fragments are made of specially treated solid rose gold, in which morganites and padparadscha sapphires are set. The Escale necklace offers a bird’s eye view of the harbour. Snow-white yachts are moored to the shore, lined with rare large red spinels – symbolised by a movable diamond fringe. There are many more wonders in the collection: precious sprigs of coral, and sun disks, and starfish, and lovely Encres unisex brooches with sails, seagulls and anchors – they can also be worn by men.

Photo: press-office