For 70 years Serpenti snake has been a peculiar totem of Bvlgari. In nature, snakes shed their skin and transform, the same happens with the symbol of the Roman jewelry house, which is constantly evolving. The serpentBvlgari appeared in the late 1940s together with the watch on a flexible Tubogas bracelet and in the 1960s it moved to belts, necklaces and rings… The new ode to the iconic image is the Serpenti Viper collection featuring the outstanding jewelry know-how of Bvlgari – flexible modular construction in which the snake skin scales are carefully fixed one to another. Not simply welded together, the scales are ingeniously fixed on movable inner rods and the bracelets in the collection wrap around the wrist like a second skin. An example of high art is the InfiniteCompositions necklaces in white and rose gold, which envelope the neck with the flexibility of a snake’s body: the effect is achieved by articulating the different sections, equipped with internal springs. The Serpenti Viper collection, composed of white, pink and yellow gold adorned with transparent diamonds imitating snake scales, is a new birth of Bvlgari symbol that became possible thanks to the incredible inventiveness and ingenuity of the House’s craftsmen.

Photo courtesy of the press service